KCIL is a user led organisation which has been supporting disabled people to live as independently as they choose in the Royal Borough of Kingston for over 45 years. We believe that disabled people should have choice and controlover the services they receive and the lives that they lead. Current services include information and advice, personal budget and direct payments support, support planning and brokerage, holiday grants and Independent Support to children with disabilities and their families. 

What’s our role as a Strategic Lead Partner for Disabled People?

We disseminate information pertinent to local disability groups in the Royal Borough of Kingston and work together with these groups in regards to campaigns, events and awareness raising. We voice their concerns at the Voluntary Sector Strategic Board on their behalf. 

  • Independent Advisory Group (Police)
  • Equalities Forum
  • Carers’ Partnership Board
  • Visual Impairment Parliament- Employment Group
  • ISCD Steering Group (AfC)
  • Advisors Working Together and KIAA

We also support RBK to organise consultation groups on transport and parking issues, adult social care, and the accessibility of buildings and other public venues.

Contact Details

Lisa Ehlers


020 84811444