Kingston Environment Forum is a consortium of local environmental groups with an interest in environmental issues and activities in the Borough.

We aim to promote environmental sustainability in Kingston. We advise and assist the Council and its Partners on tackling climate change, reducing our ecological footprint, ensuring sustainable development and transport, and protecting and improving the quality of our local environment.

We are mostly volunteers, and meet quarterly to share information, concerns and expertise with relevant Council officers.

What’s our role as a Strategic Lead Partner for Environmental Issues?

KEF is a member of Kingston Strategic Partnership, and we send representatives to meetings of the KSP, the KSP Place and Communities subgroup, and  the Voluntary Sector. We have contributed to Council strategies and consultations including ones on green spaces and bio-diversity, energy efficiency, cycling, waste and recycling... Member-groups have organised volunteers to tidy up local green spaces, carry out home energy audits, and undertake conservation surveys and work.

Contact Details

Chair Marilyn Mason

020 8546 4086