The Strategy was launched on 19th March 2014 and has the full support of all political parties as well as endorsement from the RBK Policy and Resources Committee, the Clinical Commissioning Group and the Voluntary Sector Board.

The vision is of a thriving local voluntary and community sector whose role and contribution as strategic partners is recognised and valued for its economic, social and environmental contribution to the borough.  

A key aim is to 'move the voluntary sector from the margins to the mainstream so that their contribution is fully recognised'. 

Follow the link for the summary action plan for implementation of the strategy: VCSS action plan summary

 We have devised a Troubleshooting protocol to help us all to implement the strategy. Follow the link to find out more about this:  VCSS Troubleshooting Protocol

There are four strands to the Strategy:


Community Engagement

  • involving communities
  • developing the voice of the community
  • developing co-production
  • working together to plan and deliver services



  • policy development and planning
  • involvement and participation
  • service delivery
  • capacity building for commissioning



  • making sure everyone knows what is going on and how to be part of the succes


  • setting out how we will work together