Latest info on commissioning in Kingston:


Public sector organisations are looking for different ways to deliver their services, with many taking a commissioning approach.

In Kingston, commissioning is defined as a process that achieves the right outcomes for local people by deciding what service is needed, how it should be delivered and which public, private or third sector organisation should deliver, within effective use of resources. 

It is important that voluntary and community organisations are in a position to respond to this approach. This means that they should be able to:

  • influence the design of services (whether through grants or competitive tendering)
  • bid for contracts

Whether through commissioning or the giving of grants, the benefits of voluntary and community sector led services must not be lost to the community.


What are the benefits of commissioning a voluntary or community organisation?

Local not-for-profit organisations can help  in many valuable ways. They can:

  • Identify need; they are close to their users and can provide information on what works and what doesn’t.
  • Contribute to service planning and design – leading to improved services especially in terms of what’s needed and how the service should be delivered.
  • Deliver services that are user-led, flexible, responsive and innovative, providing excellent value for money.
  • Feed in valuable data about the impact of services and how they might be further improved.
  • A £ invested in the VCS can bring back many times that into the local community.

How can I find out more about commissioning?

As a reponse to the challenges and opportunities that commissioning brings, Kingston Voluntary Action has set up a new network, the Kingston Community Commissioning Project (KCCP). The KCCP will answer any questions you may have about how commissioning will affect your organisation.  

You will also find regular updates on workshops, training, events and information to help you to get ready to be involved in the commissioning cycle for local services in Latest News.

If you are a commisioner please let the KCCP know about any opportunities or ideas you have for involving local not-for-profit organisations in service delivery.


Finding a partner to work with

Do you need to commission a service in Kingston upon Thames? Or are you looking for a partner to plan a new or improved service? 

If you are looking for voluntary and community sector partners to analyse what works best, plan or deliver a service or review what has and hasn't worked for local residents you can search our databases of providers or contact the KCCC in the first instance.